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Recovered from a coma

I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2007. I had to take medication every day and see my doctor every 6 months. My health seemed all right but in December 2011 while on my way to Toronto, I felt chest pain and a shortness of breath. When I returned to Ottawa that night, I felt tired and went to bed early. Just before my husband went to sleep, he tried to talk to me, but I didn't respond so he turned on the light and saw that I was foaming at the mouth. He called 9-1-1, and then both my husband and son started CPR. Within 10 minutes the ambulance was at my house. The attendants managed to restart my heart and took me to the hospital. I was in a coma and in critical condition as my brain had been deprived of oxygen for the half hour while my heart had stopped working.

The doctors feared that even if I did wake up, I would be paralyzed or mentally disabled. They did many tests on my brain function, but there was no response up to the 9th day. They wanted to remove the breathing tube in my mouth and other life support systems because they feared my brain was completely damaged. Fortunately, my family requested that they hold off for a few more days.

Master Lai and his wife came to the hospital to treat me every day while I was there. They sent qi energy to my brain and heart and worked on certain acupressure points to rejuvenate those areas. They also did acupressure and Chinese massage that helped to improve my blood circulation and opened up the energy paths that connected my organs to other parts of the body. As a result, my brain and body were strengthened by the healing qi, my self-healing ability and immune system was restored, and my body and mind slowly improved. Finally, I regained consciousness after 11 days in a coma. Then Master Lai showed me how to use breathing techniques and visualize guiding energy with the intention to connect my mind and body.

After receiving the continuing help from Master Lai, his wife and the hospital’s medical services for 38 days, I recovered completely and am now in good condition. I think it was a miracle and feel very blessed. It was hard for us to explain how I could recover from near death without any loss of memory or paralyzing effects. My husband and I thought that it must be the combination of western and eastern medicine that helped me to recover and I am very thankful to both systems for bringing me back my life.

—Phuong N.
Ottawa, ON
November 2012