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Don't miss out on any of our workshops. Qi Gong and tai chi workshops are taught by our association’s instructors at the following locations in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Workshop Description Location & Time
Free Tai Chi and Qi Gong Introduction

Course: 1483406

To register, please call 613-580-9676 or visit the centre.
Tai Chi – A gentle, peaceful way to tone and strengthen your body that improves concentration, coordination and balance. Qi Gong - Combining gentle movement with meditation, this ancient art is believed to reduce stress and prevent illness through the integration of the spirit, body and energy (Chi). Pinecrest Recreation Complex
2250 Torquay Ave.
(Baseline and Cobden Rd.)

April 17

7:15 to 8:45pm

Workshop Description Location & Time
Free Introductory Qi Gong Workshop

To register and for more information, call Philip at 613-218-0853 or email him at
Participate in Qi Gong exercises taught by Qi Gong Masters Philip Lai and Shirley Mueller and learn about the benefits of doing so. These exercises will help to cultivate your energy and vital life force. Shirley will also be giving a workshop on June 22 and 23 (see below). McNabb Community Centre
Community Room
180 Percy St.
(near Bronson and Gladstone)

June 15
9:00 to 10:15 am
Workshop Description Location & Time
Awakening the Healing Light Cosmic Healing I – Workshop to Heal Yourself and Others to be given by Shirley Mueller

Cost: Early Bird discount: if you pay by June 15, June 22 one day- $100, 2 days - $220 (with certificate)

After June 15: June 22 one day - $120 or June 22 and 23 - $250 (with certificate)

To register and for more information, call Philip at 613-218-0853 or email him at
See the poster for description of the course and instructor Shirley Mueller. Pinecrest Recreation Complex
2250 Torquay Ave.
(Baseline and Cobden Rd.)

Sat. and Sun.
June 22 and June 23

9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Workshop Description Location & Time
Healthy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking With Qi

Fees: $80.00 (including cooking material)

Instructor: Master Lai

Contact: Philip at 613-218-0853 or e-mail to
To keep our body healthy, it is important that we think positive, exercise properly and eat nutritious food. The practice of qi gong in China and the use of Chinese cooking techniques have existed for over 3000 years and have proven to be very successful in accomplishing this goal.

Master Lai has over 20 years of professional and commercial cooking experience as well as 30 years in the practice of qi gong. In this session, he will show you how the application of qi gong principles to the preparation, cooking and eating of Chinese vegetarian dishes will result in healthier and more delicious food for your body.

See our newsletter on healthy cooking.
To be held when there are enough people interested in taking the workshop.

Master Lai offers private training and consultations. To obtain additional information, please e-mail him at

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